6 Great Non-Photography Apps That Help You Take Better Picture

By Caroline Schmidt. Posted

Google Maps

It’s your must-have mobile Sat Nav when in unknown territories and need to plan your daily routes. Lots of us rely on it in the UK for walking or driving, so abroad it can only be more invaluable.


Find the best restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner in your area. Don’t risk ruining your next few days of photography with a dodgy stomach, head to where you know the food and water are safe to have. www.zomato.com


An amazing app for planning your trip, or for discovering new and interesting places to photograph based on other people’s experiences. Create a list of the best spots in a destination, preview images and get vital insider info. Its slogan is ‘The best places in the world according to the friends and experts you trust’ – it says it all.


Photo Pills

An absolute must-have when planning your shoot locations as it’s jam-packed with photographer-friendly tools that will help you plan and prepare to photograph anywhere in the world. It also offers other essential tools such as depth-of-field tables, exposure calculators and even a Star Trails tool.
Pair it with the Aurora Alerts app, if nightscapes are part of the plan, and you’ll improve your chances of being in the right place for those elusive dancing lights.

Image editing apps

The highest rated phone apps for getting your images processed and shared in record time are Adobe Lightroom CC, Snapseed and Photoshop Express. You only need one but if your camera has Wi-Fi, a tweak on your tablet or smartphone will get your images ready to share as almost as quickly as you can click 'post'.

Social media

Instagram and Steller are two of the most popular platforms for travel photographers to share their work, with Instagram being the most widely used – photographer or not. If you want to benefit from building a following on Instagram, you may want to invest in the scheduling app such as Later so you can do all the hard work between shoots and simply press 'post' when needed in the field. However, once home, Steller offers a unique way to publish your images. You can make a Steller story about the trip – like a mini magazine – by publishing a cohesive collection of images that are well laid out using templates. It’s a great way to get more of your work seen.

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