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By Caroline Schmidt. Posted

Enthusiast photographers the world over will agree that nothing matches the inspiration and excitement of heading out into the great outdoors and capturing beautiful landscapes. The UK may be a relatively small nation, but it boasts an incredibly diverse geography that offers endless potential for amazing landscape photography without having to travel too far.

The Essential Guide to Landscapes is an invaluable guide packed with expert advice, photo workshops and stunning photography to help photographers of all levels achieve their best ever results. Written by some of the UK’s best professional landscape photographers, it covers the key techniques and kit required to capture the great outdoors in all its glory.


The fantastic tutorials, brought to you by industry-leading professionals, are plentiful and focus on key in-camera techniques such as shooting in Raw, capturing perfect reflections, waterfalls and golden-hour landscapes, to name but a mere few. There are pages of expert advice covering a wide range of topics and locations, and, to ensure you head out with the best possible photo gear, we’ve also provided a comprehensive kit section filled with authoritative reviews of two of the most important accessories an outdoor photographer should use: Neutral Density filters and carbon-fibre tripods.

From learning the basics through to more involved techniques, this 164-page bookazine is an indispensible aid for all landscape enthusiasts looking to improve and expand their photo skills.

• The basic rules for great landscape images
• Photo workshops with the pros
• Make the most of the golden hour
• Essential techniques and camera settings
• Choosing and using filters

Here's a look at a just a few of the articles awaiting you on purchase:


book 114-115 book 30-31 book 6-7 book 10-11 book 33-33 book 54-55 book 110-111