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LEE Filters Announces the LEE100 Tandem Adaptor

By Caroline Schmidt. Posted

LEE Filters has announced a new addition to their LEE 100 filter holder system – the LEE100 Tandem Adaptor – available from stockists now. The adaptor, costing £44.50 ex-VAT, enables landscape photographers to stack two LEE100 filter holders on top of each other and rotate them independently, for more precise, creative control of exposure in complex lighting situations.


The adaptor slides into the front slot of the first holder and then the second holder clips onto the adaptor in the same way it would do a LEE100 adaptor ring. A new adaptor ring will also be available for photographers who wish to continue using their existing polariser with the new system.


The video below shows the new adaptor in action:

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LEE announced the new product on their facebook page and website.

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