Review: Lastolite Vintage Background

By Daniel Lezano. Posted

Portrait photographers who regularly shoot on location will use their environment to provide a suitable background. However, there are times when available backdrops are unattractive or unsuitable for your subject. Lastolite's magnetic background support system aims to solve this problem, by providing you with a support and choice of backgrounds while on the go.

BTS background

Supplied in the handy carry case is a lighting stand and a support bracket, which sports a standard 5/8 spigot connector to fix to the stand, and two strong neodynium magnets that securely hold steel-rimmed backgrounds up to 5kg in weight. Setting up the outfit takes very little time, all you need do is open the lighting stand, attach and fix the bracket, then extend the stand. Once this is set up, fixing a background is simply a case of raising the rim to the two magnets, which hold the backdrop securely in place. A gentle tug is all that's required to remove/swap the background. It's a fast and fuss-free system that a photographer on his own will find ideal when they need to work fast.

Magnetic Background Support Kit LL LB1121

Any steel-rimmed background (up to 5kg) can be attached, with Lastolite offering several options, including a number of creative effects such as fence panels, night scenes and perspective backgrounds. I used Lastolite's (£180) 1.5x2.1m vintage tobacco/olive double-sided backdrop (LB5705) for the Yongnuo lens test (see left), as it gives a classic vintage effect with an attractive vignette. Its size and weight makes it easy to use on location, and whether using daylight or flash, great results are possible. Just be sure to practise how to collapse the background after use – if you get stuck you'll find useful videos on the internet.


Affordable, fast and easy to set up, Lastolite's magnetic support system provides a neat way to produce portraits with attractive backgrounds while shooting on location.


Guide prices: Support kit with stand (LB1121): £116; Vintage 1.5x2.1m background £181
Width (Support): 63cm
Weight (Support): 250g

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