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Six Drone Accessories You Need

By Caroline Schmidt. Posted

75cm drone launchpad
Guide Price: £8
You can find tarmac or short grass for take-off and landing in most locations, but there times when you may not want your drone to touch the ground. Long grass can be problematic because when the gimbal calibrates after the drone is switched on, the lens could get wet. Plus, it’s best not to get the drone itself wet, so in these situations a landing mat is essential. A mat folds like a reflector and is light, plus has bright colours to spot it easily at distance.


DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit
Guide Price: £299
Most brands offer a ‘Fly More’ bundle that you can either buy with a drone, or in some cases separately later. DJI's Mavic 2 Fly More Kit is a great example and represents incredible value – if you bought everything in the kit separately it would cost much more. Included are two Intelligent Flight Batteries, a Mavic 2 Car Charger, a Battery Charging Hub, a Battery to Power Bank Adapter, Low-Noise Propellers and a Mavic 2 Shoulder Bag.

Mavic 2 Fly more kit

NiSi Professional Filter Kit Pro
Guide Price: £150
ND Filters are most useful for video because you need to be able to reduce shutter speeds in bright conditions, but they can also be great for photography if wind levels are low and you’d like to capture movement in the landscape. The NiSi Professional Filter Kit for DJI Mavic 2 Pro includes every filter you could ever need including ND filters combined with a polariser, a night filter, a standard polariser and a graduated ND filter. It's great quality too!

NiSi Filters

Manfrotto Advanced 2 Shoulder Bag M
Guide Price: £45
If you’re looking for an affordable, small and light bag for your drone, the Manfrotto Advanced 2 Shoulder Bag M ticks all these boxes. The interior dividers can be customised according to your preference, and there are three external pockets for carrying additional items. What’s really quite attractive is the fact that the external material is treated to make it water-repellent, and there’s also a rain cover to provide additional protection when it’s raining heavily. The overall size means you can carry a couple of batteries making it ideal for shorter trips.

Advanced 2 Shoulder Bag M

Vanguard Supreme 37D
Guide Price: £79
The Vanguard Supreme 37D is an extremely tough hard case that’s able to withstand 120kg of external pressure, is waterproof to a depth of 5m and dustproof. It comes with a removable divider bag inside that can be used as a soft case by itself when you need a lighter case. At 4.2kg, it’s certainly not light when it’s packed with a drone and accessories but, with a case like this it’s all about providing the ultimate protection for the kit inside. A Mavic 2 Pro fits into the middle section perfectly, with plenty of additional space for the controller, batteries and accessories.

01 Supreme 37D - Front

Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250
Guide Price: £129
If your aim is to head out mainly for drone photography, this bag will provide a comfortable way to carry your kit with additional space for a small mirrorless camera, up to a 15in laptop, 10in tablet and personal items. In terms of drone kit, there’s space for a DJI Mavic 2, transmitter, up to five batteries and accessories. And being a backpack means it will be comfortable when visiting locations where you need to walk for several miles. There’s also a smaller version – the BP 200 – which carries just the drone outfit with space for a water bladder and personal items.

DroneGuard BP 250