Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography — Issue 154

Digital SLR Photography issue 154 cover

WELCOME TO THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE of Digital SLR Photography magazine. This month, in our 12-page Photo Masterclass to location portraits, you’ll learn how to utilise natural light and the essential tools you need to be able to take phenomenal portraits anywhere. Our Photo Workshop heads to the dramatic views of the Lake District, where one reader completes three skill-challenging tasks.

Our all-new Photo Expedition heads to New York City with travel photographer Lee Frost to equip you with the experience and expertise of photographing one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities, even before you get there. Big Interview is with up-and-coming wildlife photographer Tracey Lund and the rest of the issue is packed with even more technique and inspiration, including how to use lead-in lines, how to capture fun wide-angle portraits and milk splashes with minimal kit. Grab your issue today!

  • The new Panasonic Lumix G90 tested and rated
  • Retouch portraits like a pro with ease
  • Master popular 'lens ball' portraits
  • High-speed milk splashes with minimal kit